Emmanuel Brochet Haut Chardonnay Extra Brut 2010

75 cl - Bouteille, Normalflasche

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"Emmanuel Brochet derives from a farming family in a part of Champagne that converted from viticulture to agriculture (more lucrative, given their proximity to Reims) in the aftermath of phylloxera. One of the remaining outposts of the vine is the Mont Benoît, where his grandparents had some 2.5 hectares, contracted out. So in 1997, Brochet took over and started a project of his own—a choice he made freely and enthusiastically, he emphasizes, rather than out of obligation. The Mont Benoît is a substantial chalk outcropping in the plain west of Reims, and its exposed situation means that weather is more extreme: it's colder when it's cold, hotter when it's hot and windier when it's windy. Farming organically, Brochet sells of his tailles and part of the cuvée. His wines are vinified in wood with his own yeast selections since 2016 and see 11 months in barrel before tirage. Concentrated, vinous and incisive, these are chiseled, penetrating Champagnes of impressive cut and intensity, and I found much to admire. In short, anyone who ventures down the Impasse Brochet, the aptly named street at the end of which this small winery is located, will find that it is anything but a dead end."
(William Kelley, robertparker.com)

Anbauregion: Champagne
Flaschengröße: 75 cl - Bouteille, Normalflasche
Jahrgang: 2010
Klassifikation: AOC Champagne
Typ: Schaumwein
Land: Frankreich
Weingut: Brochet, Emmanuel
Lage: Mont Benoît
Rebsorte: 100% Chardonnay
Ausbau: Ausbau in französischen Barrique und Pièce, Reifung auf der Hefe (sur lattes) von ca. 6 Jahren
Rebfläche: 0,4 ha
Durchschnittliches Rebenalter: Über 60 Jahre
Durchschnittliche Jahresproduktion: 1.250 Flaschen
Boden: Belemnit-Kreide-Böden mit geringem Lehm-Anteil
Alkoholgehalt: 12,0 % vol
Trinkempfehlung ab: jetzt
Trinkempfehlung bis: 2035+
Trinktemperatur: 8-10 °C
Verschluss: Champagner-Korken
Hersteller: Champagne Emmanuel Brochet, 51500 Villers-aux-N?udes, Frankreich
Geschmacksangabe: extraherb (0-6g Zucker/l)
Allergenhinweis: Enthält Sulfite. Kann Spuren von Eiweiß, Milch und Gelatine enthalten.